4 Tips To Getting A Great Real Estate Attorney

Few people can easily decipher the complex legal jargon in the contracts signed when purchasing a home. Hence, it is much better to leave all the legal heavy lifting to a person that understands it, a real estate attorney. Whenever selling your home in

Manhattan Beach, CA, let a professional and experienced law firm like Stone & Sallus handle the legal part on your behalf. Below are some tips for a happy attorney-client relationship whenever selling or purchasing a home:

Start Early

Although most of what your lawyer can help with comes quite late during the buying process, that doesn’t mean you should procrastinate. Ensure that you begin looking for a lawyer immediately after looking for a new home.

Do Some Research

Upon having a list of potential attorneys, do some homework online to establish their experience and specialization. Search the lawyers by name to uncover their professional affiliations. Look for the reviews and testimonials and any other relevant online mentions. Look out for the red flags before hiring a lawyer’s customer service or integrity.

Interview the Prospects

Calling several candidates on the phone or interviewing them in person can provide you with some practical information regarding their services. Further, this could give you an idea of the type of rapport. During the interview, inquire about:

  • The services the lawyer intends to provide and the fee schedule.
  • Their previous experience. That is the number of real estate transactions that have successfully closed in the past.
  • Names of the staff or other lawyers they’ll be dealing with in the entire process.
  • Any conflict of interest the attorney might potentially have, and
  • Any concerns or questions that you might be having regarding the entire process.

Get Good Referrals

The coworkers, friends, family, or the national or state bar associations are the perfect places to get some leads on the attorneys. Hence, research several candidates before settling on one; you can get them from your real estate agency. You should avoid having a referral from the seller or their agent because the attorney may be biased and only motivated by seeing the deal through, not your interests.


A good real estate deal begins with finding a great attorney to handle the legal aspects of the entire process. The tips above can help you settle on the right professional for the job. However, a great lawyer must be licensed to practice in your state. Are you looking for a great lawyer to oversee your real estate purchase or sale? Give us a call at Stone & Sallus today.