What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of Criminal Defense Lawyers?

Criminal defense lawyers play critical roles everywhere. With their services, individuals accused of criminal charges can express and defend themselves in court. However, despite being widely known, not everyone is familiar with their duties and responsibilities. If you’re also curious about the matter, this article will explain how criminal defense lawyers work; please read on.

Before learning what criminal defense lawyers do, it’s ideal to know them first. If unaware, a criminal defense lawyer is an attorney assigned to defend and speak on behalf of a person charged with a criminal case. Typically, such attorneys will be appointed by the public defender’s office, the court, or the client (for a private agency or independent firm). Criminal defense lawyers manage practically everything in a client’s case, including the following duties:

1. Case interviews and investigations

During the initial meetup, the criminal defense lawyer will thoroughly interview the client. Aside from all the details, this will reveal the possible negatives and strengths of the defendant’s case. The attorney will also interview police officers and witnesses to gather evidence and build up a case. If there are existing pieces of evidence, the lawyer will analyze or hand them over to private forensics for testing and verification.

2. Updating the client

Being charged with a criminal case, no matter how serious or minor it is, can be very stressful. Accordingly, as a lawyer, it’s necessary to update the defendant about the development of the case regularly. It can be news about court hearing schedules, pleas, jury selection updates, and other things that can affect the judge’s decision. Additionally, the lawyer must help the client understand the possible outcomes and the importance of confidentiality (keeping information and conversations between the lawyer(s) and the defendant).

3. Selecting the jury and communicating with the prosecutor

In many cases, the defendant’s attorney will be asked or assigned to help in selecting the jury. If unfamiliar, a jury is a body of jurors that decides whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty of charged offenses based on evidence and the judge’s statements.

A criminal defense lawyer will also communicate with the prosecutor about different things. As an example, the lawyer will negotiate with the prosecutor on a plea bargain to reduce punishment severity and charges to the client. It’s also necessary to review the evidence and case of the prosecutor before allowing the jury to read or have access to them.

4. Court participation

Naturally, a criminal defense lawyer will have to attend the court alongside the client. In the court, the lawyer will present pieces of evidence, interrogate witnesses, convince the jury, and interview the state’s witness. Aside from establishing the defendant’s innocence, there is also the need to prove that the prosecutor’s case lacks evidence or supporting information. Lastly, the criminal defense lawyer will represent the client during the sentencing period with the hopes of gaining the jury or judge’s approval to reduce the sentence or charges.

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