Kona Coast: A Hidden Luxury Investment Gem

Kona, Hawaii is a beautiful, sunny beach district spanning two thirds of Hawaii’s biggest island. The area is famed for its idyllic beaches, its lively restaurants, and its buzzing nightlife. The beach attracts plenty of tourists drawn to its perfect conditions for snorkeling and surfing, and the nearby area features delicious Kona coffee, boutique stores, and picturesque oceanside views. Kona also has a fascinating history: the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park, once an ancient Hawaiian settlement, is now open to visitors looking to explore the island’s past.

At a time when real estate investors are racing to take advantage of an ongoing housing boom in Hawaii, Kona is still an under-appreciated gem. A rush of developers and investors to the state means land values on the islands have already skyrocketed, but it isn’t too late to get in early. While many luxury investors focus on properties in Oahu, the Big Island has plenty of added value to offer. Investors in Kona real estate can reap the financial benefits of Kona’s natural beauty, lengthy beaches, and lively culture without the exorbitant costs of Hawaii’s most tourist-heavy areas. Kona is certain to only grow in popularity as both a home and a destination, as thousands will move and travel to the Big Island in the coming decade, seeking less crowds, better value, and new adventures.

The luxury market in Kona is an untapped market presenting a particularly stellar investment opportunity. While hotels are primarily concentrated in a central resort area, the coast features miles of stunning beaches ripe for development. The peaceful, quiet South Kona Coast, only a 20 minute drive from the center of town, features untouched nature and unobstructed views of Kona’s incredible natural ecosystem. While the stunning nature outside your door is enough to keep any visitor entertained, there is no shortage of indoor and outdoor activities nearby for families and couples. Due to its proximity to town, the area is ideal for residents, long-term stays, and shorter vacations alike.

Kona represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors to participate in Hawaii’s booming real estate market. The area is sure to generate plentiful and lasting returns, as ongoing economic growth in the area driven by the tourism and luxury real estate industries will only drive further development on the island. Now is your chance to get in.

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