6 Essential Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

A holistic doctor Los Angeles (or at any place) commonly uses a whole-body approach when treating a patient. Holistic doctors, who are becoming more popular, consider the emotions, spirit, mind, and body of the patients when examining and treating them. That way the holistic doctor would be able to come up with the most suitable treatment.

Regenerative medicine is another thing that is also gaining popularity. Each new study reveals something remarkable in the potential uses and benefits that patients may gain from PRP or platelet-rich plasma and stem cells. There are a lot of reasons why a patient should never hesitate to try regenerative medicine therapies.

1. The Doctor Uses Your Own Cells to Heal

In regenerative medicine, your doctor uses your own cells to heal the injured or affected area in your body. It is considered low risk since the procedure requires using your own cells. You don’t need to worry about the donor’s compatibility or the possibility that your body might reject the cells.

2. There’s No Need for General Anesthesia

With the help of ultrasound technology, your doctor will be able to inject the numbing medicine at the precise area that he needs to work on – no need for general anesthesia that may cause nausea, vomiting, or other things that may cause major discomfort. You will still experience a bit of discomfort, which can be bearable. You don’t need to take pain medicine when taking regenerative medicine therapies.

If you are already taking medication for pain, you need to discuss with your attending physician about your plans regarding stem cell therapy or PRP.

3. You may Never Need to have a Surgery

PRP therapy and stem cell therapy may spare you the trouble of having surgery. When that happens, you will experience less pain. Regenerative medicine is a minimally invasive treatment option that allows your body to heal itself using its own cells.

4. You Only Need a Little Time to Recover

The majority of the patients that have PRP or stem cells can return to their normal activities right after the procedure. However, you may still experience minor side effects like discomfort in the injection area or bruising. Expect to have a quick healing time.

5. Shows More Favorable Results for Tissues that are Considered Slow-Healing

Regenerative medicine can speed up the healing process, and it works wonders for slow-healing tissues. Even though the stem cells and platelets keep working non-stop for you, their response tends to get delayed as you age, which affects the recovery time. Regenerative medicine can help your body heal quickly even though you are getting older, have tissues with an inadequate supply of blood, or acquiring a severe injury.

6. Helps the Body Deal with Chronic Pain

Regenerative medicine can help prevent scar tissue from manifesting, reduce swelling, and develop new tissues. Your body can function better when chronic pain becomes practically non-existent.

Take the benefits of regenerative medicine into consideration when discussing certain treatments with a holistic doctor Los Angeles.